Periodical inspections and certification of small vessels (up to 40 GT)

Bulgarian Register of Shipping(BRS) conducts the periodical inspections and certification of small vessels with Bulgarian flag(up to 40 GT). For a request for inspection by a surveyor of BRS you can download application form:

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Bulgarian Register of Shipping

Bulgarian Register of Shipping, is guided in its activities by the goals and moral values, laid down in its Code of Ethics and is dedicated to ensuring the safety of life and property at sea, and the prevention of pollution of the marine environment.Bulgarian Register of Shipping has been able to achieve its goals and its continued growth over the years to today, because it has always been unfailing in its efforts to keep pace with the international standards by improving the quality of the services it provides.

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Bulgarian Register of Shipping (BRS) performs technical supervision and classification, including:
• Approval of technical documentation for construction and repair of sea-going and inland vessels, drilling platforms and containers
• Approval of companies and laboratories that manufacture, repair and test maritime and industrial structures, equipment, materials and products, subject to supervision by BRS
• Supervision of the construction and conversion of ships, drilling platforms and containers
• Certification of ships and containers in operation
• Supervision of the production of materials and products intended for construction and repair of ships, subject to supervision by BRS

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