Ship Classification

The activities on the supervision are performed on the basis of the Rules of BRS, with the main purpose to ascertain whether the ships, subject to supervision, as well as the materials and products, intended for the construction and repair of ships and ship equipment, comply with the Rules and any additional requirements.

The present Rules for Classification of BRS have been developed on the basis of the Rules of Classification Societies-members of IACS. The main principle of the process is in-depth review and analysis of the requirements stated therein and introduction of changes and modifications corresponding to the types of ships under BRS supervision, operational considerations and the national legislation in force.

The basic areas of activities of BRS Ship Classification are as follows:

1.Approval of technical documentation for construction and repair of sea-going and inland vessels, drilling platforms and floating facilities.

2. Supervision of the construction and conversion of ships, drilling platforms and floating facilities.

For the purposes of supervision of ships in operation, BRS performs the following Class surveys:

Periodical Class Surveys:

a/ Annual Survey

b/ Intermediate Survey

c/ Class Renewal Survey, including Continuous Machinery Survey

d/ Periodical surveys/tests of the propulsion and steering systems

e/ Periodical surveys of individual machinery items

Occasional Surveys

a/ Damage and Repair Survey

b/ Survey for elimination of Recommendations

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