Company Approvals

All works on board on ship, during new building, in service and repair (conversion), connected with Class and Conventions (where BRS is R.O.) must be performed by competent companies, which must be proved with Certificate of Company Approval issued by BRS. On that reason firms performing works (rendering services) for ships classed by BRS, the result of which are used by the Register in the course of surveys, shall be approved.

Approval covers the firms performing the following works (rendering services):

Residual thickness measurements of hull structure onboard the ships;

Check of hold hatches tightness by means of ultrasonic equipment;

Underwater surveys;

Surveys of forward, aft, side and inner doors of ro-ro ships;

Diagnostics of arrangements, installations, machinery, equipment, hull structures;

Metrological provision of items under the Register supervision

Survey and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment and systems;

Maintenance of inflatable and other life-saving appliances;

Check and testing of integrated gas welding and gas cutting equipment;

Survey and technical maintenance of personal breathing apparatus;

Check and testing of preparation of hull structure and application of polymeric materials

Repairs of: hull structures; ship’s machinery, electrical and radio equipment; conversion of ships

BRS keeps records of the recognized firms and issues a List of these firms – Service Suppliers Register.

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